Our Student Program

Lessons are based on three core principles:

  • Learning by doing
    Active participation in lessons engages children’s natural curiosity and ability to learn.
  • Practice makes perfect
    Basic skills must be mastered before more complex skills can be attempted.
  • Encourage and praise
    The more students’ successes are praised, the more they strive to be successful.

Lesson kits and formats

How lessons are presented

Televisions and DVD players are provided as part of the program. The DVD features a teacher introducing concepts and skills, demonstrating good educational practices and actively involving students. Classroom teachers lead their students in similar activities. Many lessons conclude with reviews that encourage additional student participation.

Teacher’s Guides provide directions for using the materials in the teaching kits and added learning activities. In the days following each DVD lesson, teachers choose extra practice activities to complete with their classes.

Assessment activities, provided at the end of each lesson, help to determine whether students have mastered the skills and are ready to move on to new challenges.

Lesson Kits include


Each grade level kit includes a DVD with lessons for each subject area: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts and (beginning in Grade 4) Social Studies.

Teacher's Guide

A Teacher’s Guide that explains lessons, objectives and activities accompanies every DVD.

Classroom Materials

Every kit includes necessary materials: books, manipulatives, science equipment, maps, art materials, musical instruments and more.

Supplemental Materials

In some cases, extra materials are included to support a learning concept.