• Greetings from Care School in Kahama, Tanzania. I'm so grateful to thank you very much for your charitable deeds and support at Care School. Actually on behalf of The School Operations Management (SOM) our appreciation is our future predetermined. We are appreciate you so much for your good help towards understanding and helping children around the world.

    John Weber - Director General
    Care School
    Kahama, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • I am writing this email to thank you very much for your email with the attachment of Opportunity Education Target School Newsletter March 2014. It was very nice to learn from what others do. Thank you also for taking time to work with this very beneficial and important issue of Education. Your help means allot than you think. We really benefit very much from the school materials you provide to us. It is also very nice to exchange experiences from different schools in Tanzania, Africa as well as United States of America. We are very thankful for what you are doing to us and may God bless and protect you all.

    Sister Beatrice Kapinga - Headmistress
    St. Dominic Savio School
    Iringa, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • Before the opportunity education program started in Mugu district, the condition of the schools was very poor. The teachers never used teaching materials, there was a lack of proper training and no workshop to increase the skills of the teacher ever took place. In general there was a negative attitude towards teaching, there was no team spirit among the teachers and the school office wasn't managed well. The learning achievement of students was very low, the classrooms looked appalling and the personal hygiene and sanitation of the students was very poor. On top of that the students and the teachers didn't come to school regularly either and the community didn't care about the school.

    To address these problems, United Missions to Nepal (UMN) conducted an orientation about Opportunity Education materials and its use. Teachers, SMC chairperson and PTA chairperson all joined. A common understanding was developed to improve the child friendly teaching learning activities in the school. UMN also requested the school to select a school focal teacher at each partnering school, which the schools did. Then each school made an action plan together with their community. Slowly but surely the schools developed. For the last year UMN and the OEF schools have been conducting mobile monthly sharing meetings with each schools' focal teachers each taking turns to host the meeting at their school. During those meetings, they observe a class in session, if something is observed which doesn't look good, they talk about it and quite often a model class is prepared and feedback given. Some local teachers observe the schools managerial and administrative parts and give suggestions. Then UMN provides orientation on how to mentor and support the teachers in the school, how to develop a good team of teachers in a school.

    Astrid Smith - Education Advisor
    United Missions to Nepal
    Katmandu, Nepal

    March 2014

  • We are grateful to you for all the support that you render for the betterment of education. We are recipients of your generosity. Many students are benefitting because of your program. It is very useful.

    We pray that may God bless you with His choicest blessings for all that you do for the cause of education as education is the key to successful life.

    Sr. Mary Paul - Head Teacher
    Carmel School
    Morogoro, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • Thanks for the gesture of supporting many children all over the world. The program has actually many children realize their dreams.

    The materials have helped the teachers prepare well and get an opportunity to expand their knowledge. The materials for Grade 4 will help not only the teachers but the children as well. We are so grateful.

    Jason Nyang'wara - Head Teacher
    Southern Highlands School
    Mafinga, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • The DVD collection and the other support materials such as the readers, charts and stationery has greatly enhanced my teaching and learning experiences for the kids. The reading series is just marvelous to develop and reinforce listing skills. The movies with subtitles do wonder to improve reading. Thanks a million for your valuable and continued support.

    S.Y. Michaels - Educator
    Stephen Road Primary School
    Cape Town, South Africa

    March 2014

  • On behalf of Uhuru Peak School staff, I'd like to express gratitude towards you on the books and other education materials you send to us. Our students and teaching staff are now enriched with knowledge coming from your effort. We really appreciate it! I hope cordial communication between us will be a tool for success.

    Gilbert Sarungi - Head Master
    Uhuru Peak School
    Arusha, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • Thank you so much for New Year greetings and the great support we have been receiving from your organization. We LOAMO School in Arusha Tanzania, we appreciate for your moral support on the teaching materials that we have received and we really using them accordingly. Once we receive the new teaching guides we will keep in touch with you for the changes made in case the need arise. Thank you so much and stay blessed.

    Loserian Emmanuel Laizer - Owner
    Loamo School
    Arusha, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • I would like to send warm greetings to you hoping that you are dealing well with daily activities. I acknowledge the receipt of attachments for G4 Cause Effect Teacher Instructions.

    The Materials are so educative and sensitive to both teachers and students. We really appreciate the instructions given from the lessons that will simpliers our teaching and learning respectively.

    I strongly humble for more such good materials and I plea this kind of instructions should be continue.

    Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely,

    Veronica M Kassidy - School Coordinator
    Oysterbay Primary School
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • The feeding scheme is going on well. The whole of Nkambe area is talking about since the celebration of the National Youth day on 11 February. The kitchen staff marched indicating the existence of the program in Binju school. It shows the importance given to an initiative like this.

    Marius Berinyuy - Coordinator
    Gomana Akwamu D/A Primary School
    Kumbo Diocese, Cameroon

    March 2014

  • On behalf of the students, all teacher, PTA and SMC members of Gomoa Akwamu D/A Primary School, I will like to extend our profound gratitude to you, Ms. Alayne Faraone for your great support to the school.

    We are glad that we could purchase sports jerseys for the sports team and TLM's for the school and we believe that every success of the sports team as they proudly wear the jerseys on any sports competition and the excellence of the students as a result of the TLM's will be your contribution, Ms. Faraone.

    May God continue to bless you and increase the work of your hands!

    Gomana Akwamu D/A Primary School - Kassa, Ghana

    March 2014

  • I would like to inform you that through OEF Program it has help our Testimony School to take the 1st position in Mwanga District among 113 schools in 2013 National results. Thank you for your efforts to educate our boys and girls. Regards

    Juvin - Headmaster
    Testimony School
    Mwanga, Tanzania

    March 2014

  • I am glad that St. Xavier's School, Moirang, Manipur is in the OEF program. Thank you for making us part of your ambitious program. Thanks also for sending valuable education materials. I am very grateful to you for your kind gesture. Will look forward to your continued help in making the teaching-learning process enjoyable, fruitful and educative. Thank you once again. With Love and Prayers.

    Rev. Fr. Lancyv D'Costa SJ - Principal
    St. Xavier's School
    Manipur, India

    March 2014

  • We finished our primary examination today 2/2/2014. The results are that all children have performed well. English was the best done. We thank opportunity education for helping teachers get methods of teaching English.

    Margaret Kijjambu - Headmistress
    Uganda Martyrs Primary School - Kinyanya
    Kampala, Uganda

    February 2014

  • I write to say a big thank you for including my community in your program. Thank you for giving this opportunity to our children and to include us in your academic program. We pray that this program should continue to greater heights. The other two schools in my community cannot competed with this school due to OEF. I will not end this letter without saying a big thank you to Sister Rose Mary, also thank all your staff as you guys are doing a good job over there, thanks a million fold.

    Awo Greggory Ashu -
    St. Martin of Tours Catholic Primary School
    Kembong, Cameroon

    February 2014

  • Opportunity Education is a supplement curriculum that is more than the basic, "it will see the millions of children stuck in poverty liberate from it for education is the best liberator for the worst dictator poverty!!" Keep on your efforts of brightening the dark and gloomy future of these millions of children in desperation seats.

    Difan Maoncha Junior - Tanzania

    January 2014

  • OEF has actually helped us simplify the teaching of our pupils and students. Not only the pupils and students but the teachers too remain very grateful to you for this has also come to ease their work as it reduces the stress and headache often accompanied by repetition and shouting in the class. It will interest you to note that when the community learn of so great a gift, many parents decided to send their children to our school.

    Mrs. Mariana Tanyi - Head Teacher
    St. Therese Catholic School
    Mamfe, Cameroon

    November 2013

  • Since the inception of this school I no such dream has ever occurred to us. This kind of new education program will definitely enhance and advance our children in learning process and they will grow more in wisdom especially considering the modern times in which we are living.

    Shuyum Felix - PTA Chairperson
    Catholic Diocese of Schools
    Kumbo, Cameroon

    November 2013

  • First and foremost, the enrollment of the school has increased due to OEF. Pupils in our school learn using modern technology where they hear and see what they learn. This has led to improvement in language skills. They are seeing a television for the first time. Like Oliver Twist, we shall continue to ask for more.

    Tatah Kiven Enguene - SJ - Principal
    Catholic Nursery and Primary School
    Ngondzen, Cameroon

    November 2013

  • The curriculum has matched appropriately with all the lesson in the school scheme. In this light, I would like to cite the case of sounds DVD that has progressively resolved our crucial problems in reading. Opening our last consignment, the first thing that captivated us was the solar system which is the core of Geography lessons.

    Mrs. Banlay Carine - Head Teacher
    St. Raphael's Catholic Nursery and Primary School
    Jakiri, Cameroon

    November 2013

  • I am happy to inform you that we now have a beautifully furnished library that was put in place by Sr. Rosemary Arrah (Omaha, NE & shipped by OEF). Together with OEF, we can now boast of wonderful environment for studies. The children have begun using the library too and they are taught how to research, how to read and how to summarize what has been read. I am so happy and thankful to you and Sister Rosemary. We also hope to open the library to children for at least an hour or two on Saturdays.

    Father Cornelius - Education Secretary
    Mamfe Diocese

    September 2013

  • Parents are using OEF program on Saturdays. All classes are benefitting from the program and even children from classes 3 to 6 from two other schools using the program on Friday. This is very encouraging and hopefully this performance can be replicated in the other schools.

    Mr. John Yeeika - Educator
    Catholic School Binju
    Nkambe, Cameroon

    September 2013

  • I cherish you so much and I look forward to see you live in Ghana (Professional Development Seminar June 2013). Your program is the best I have ever seen in my educational journey.

    Appiah Kubi Emmanuel - Teacher
    Antoa United Primary School
    Ashanti Region, Ghana

    June 2013

  • Thank you very much for sending the Grade 4 materials. Your service is great and noble. Actually, you are great sir.....Thanks a lot.

    Srima Wijesinghe - Teacher
    Sanghamitta College
    Galle, Sri Lanka

    May 2013

  • I wanted to let you know that the letters arrived in Swampscott, MA. The students were thrilled. We were especially happy about the timing because we will be video conferencing with the South African school again this year for the fifth time! The U.S. Consulate & Salem State University help us to accomplish this. It is a very exciting day. Opportunity Education's help in keeping this letter writing going is so important and I want to extend a huge thank you from Swampscott. Have a great day!

    Judy Mckenzie - Sister School Coordinator
    Swampscott Middle School
    Swampscott, Massachusetts

    May 2013

  • Dear Mr. Joe Ricketts: The Community of Ilboru Secondary School based in Arusha -Tanzania -East Africa, would like to send to you a great appreciation and many thanks for the great support that you have given to our school.

    Students, teachers and the school Management consider themselves as the most prearranged people with the great respect you have given them, something which is not common to many aspect in this world! We thank you so much for selecting our school to be among the pioneer school in this programme.

    We would like also to congratulate and show our sincere appreciation on the way orientation of using the equipment was presented and arranged by Mbaki Mutahaba and Sandra Tetty. It was so lovely and well understood to everyone who attended the Orientation for Secondary Schools session.

    To our school is a great opportunity, thus, we promise to take care of all equipment and make maximum utilization of them in order to reach the dream reality. On the other hand we would like to present the way materials were well arranged and well prepared in a modern advanced way. Hence, the materials will be useful to our school as it has simplified the teaching of all subjects.

    We wish you all the best so that you make sure you reach to the great success of what you have planned in your wonderful programme. LONG LIVE Mr. Joe Ricketts and your supporting management.

    Finally, the school management of Ilboru Secondary School would like to invite you and your team to visit our school at any time you wish to do so, since Ilboru is your home as to us Opportunity Education Foundation is our choice. You're warmly welcome at Ilboru secondary school. Karibu sana!


    SaysSHULLA,J.J - The Headmaster
    Ilboru Secondary School

    May 2013

  • Dear Shari: This morning I found letters from your school on my desk. I will send them today to Kapilvastu. Thank you so much for writing to the children in Nepal. At the moment it is very hot in the south of Nepal. Your sister school is located in a village and has a very nice atmosphere over it. To get to the village you have to drive or walk through a river. At the moment a bridge over the river is being built. Access to the village in the dry season was OK since the river isn't very deep then. When the monsoon comes, it is a different story altogether. The river swells and reaching the village becomes impossible.

    Astrid Smith - Education Advisor
    United Mission to Nepal

    May 2013

  • I just want to congratulate for the service you decided to establish here in Tanzania! Previously I saw it as useless but as days goes I found that I was wrong due its positive influence! And da people that are receiving your aids are so anxious in such a way that they are not believing if those accessories are provided free of charge! I am among of the teacher in one of secondary school here in Tanzania and I also attended secondary orientation yesterday (April 27, 2013) on which we realized the benefit from it! We have nothing to pay back as the facilitator being telling us the only thing we can give back is our thankful hand is just to apply it in our daily lesson presentation just for awakening the sense of learning among our students! I promise I am gonna be an example on application of these materials positively as also giving back feedback how far will be goes on! By this few appreciation may I thank you again keep it up with such helpful heart and our LORD GOD will pay u back eternal reward.

    Adili Mwasomola - Secondary Teacher

    May 2013

  • The OPPORTUNITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION (OEF) Secondary Schools Program is a great initiative to support teaching and learning in poorly resourced countries.

    The program has come very timely to Tanzania, when we are witnessing appalling students' performance in the secondary National Examinations. The highest record failure rate in 2012 was 64%. The biggest challenge Tanzania is facing is inadequate resources, in terms of teachers and teaching/learning material.

    OEF has done a good job in blending the curricula of different countries and come up with such a programme. There is no doubt that the Program will enhance the quality of teaching and learning and as a result students' performance will improve.

    Philomeno Temu - Ministry of Education (retired)

    May 2013

  • South African schools have systemic examinations in Grade 3 and Grade 6. Based on the 2012 results, Douglas Road Primary School won awards for Significant Improvement in Numeracy in Grade 3 and for Numeracy and Literacy in Grade 6. The measurement is the percentage of students who pass. Grade 3 percentage went from 82% to 95% in Numeracy. In Literacy it increased 76.5% to 80.4%. Grade 6 Numeracy increased from 69% to 86% and Literacy from 58% to 89%. The school won prizes totaling Rand 23,000 (about $2,500) for these awards.

    The OEF program contributed greatly to this success. We are VERY pleased with the program.

    Rawaida Appleby - Principal
    Douglas Road Primary School
    South Africa

    April 2013

  • Thank you immensely for opening up to me and my institution, Standard English School. I hope as teachers we can together give the children in our hands a good education. While looking forward to full cooperation with you come September 2013, I'd like to let you know that my children, teachers and parents are so excited. They are so eager and interested in the Pen-pal programme for this will help improve writing skills.

    Joseph Yung - Principal
    Standard English School

    April 2013

  • We are pleased to announce winning a prize of Rand 20,000 (over $2,200) to honor excellent results and improvements in the Grade 6 systematic tests in the 2012 Western Cape Education Department annual language and math competition. The resources provided by OEF were a great help and made a significant contribution to the school's performance.

    Charles Jansen - Principal
    Thomas Wildschutt Senior Primary School Retreat
    South Africa

    April 2013

  • Enrollment has increased in our school this year due to the introduction of OEF program. Children were very active and lively as they enjoy the OEF material. The teachers are able to match OEF lessons with regular lessons.

    Fr. Manahoar - Superintendent & Sr. Nirmala - Teacher
    St. Xavier's English Medium School
    Muddanur, India

    April 2013

  • The students and teachers at Maxey are very excited about our Sister Schools Upendo and Nuru in Tanzania. We have written and sent our letters after I brought back the letters from our new friends. I also shared a presentation about Tanzania and our schools. It was so cool-when the children at Nuru waved to us on my video, our kids waved back! Priceless! I am retiring this year from 37 years of teaching. I am excited for my new adventures, but sad to leave the children and staff I love. I will continue to work on our Sister School project and I hope to become more involved in Opportunity Education. Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity to me, my husband and Maxey School. Easter Blessings!

    Judy Sorensen - Kindergarten Teacher and Team Leader
    Maxey Elementary School
    Lincoln, Nebraska

    April 2013

  • We acknowledge the great support we get from the foundation aimed at improving the teaching/learning process. The professional development seminar held in Kampala was very good. Presenters really inspired and reenergized me.

    I wish the seminar was to be extended beyond 3 days. However, in future when such a seminar is held, our education officers should be invited to attend throughout.

    The school community appreciates the partnership with the foundation which is helping us to improve service delivery.

    We have been unfortunate with the sister school program because it has not taken off. We write to them but they do not answer back.

    We look forward to continued cooperation and support from the foundation this year.

    Erima Jackson - Head Teacher
    Mutundwe Church of Uganda Primary School
    Kampala, Uganda

    March 2013

  • We had a wonderful time in Tanzania and our visits to Upendo and Nuru Schools were highlights of our trip. It felt so great being with the teachers and students at these schools, really natural to me. It is refreshing and encouraging to see how eager and excited the children are to learn. They are so happy to be in school and LOVE their teachers, even me! Maxey Elementary is very excited to be Sister School to Upendo and Nuru and we have already exchanged letters. Thank you for helping these children learn and grow through Opportunity Education.

    Judy Sorensen - Kindergarten Teacher and Team Leader
    Maxey Elementary School
    Lincoln, Nebraska

    February 2013

  • We thank you wholeheartedly for the wonderful gifts given to us. It was so kind of you to give us such valuable kits. It was just what we needed but never expected. You always know the perfect time to do. We are touched by your generosity, kind hearted and willingness to give out your way to help us. Thank you again and again for being thoughtful.

    Ben Atta Nyarko Himbson - Manager
    Asenua District Assembly Primary School
    Mamponteng, Ghana, West Africa

    February 2013

  • Alan,

    I was delighted to hear from you, though naturally saddened to know you will be spending less personal time here in India. Nonetheless, I believe you have accomplished something remarkable taking things from nothing to significant development over the past decade. It has been our good fortune to be able to play a very small role in helping to realize this vision. What you have accomplished is remarkable. You have done a wonderful job in grooming Rethish and I can see that you are leaving your work here in capable hands as you continue to expand the reach of Opportunity Education. Martin Malley visited Jiva the other day, though I was not here. He met with Rishi who said very nice things about him. I'll look forward to meeting him soon and to do my best to support your efforts here in whatever way possible.

    Your friendship and association has meant a lot to us, and you should know that you will always be a Jiva Family member. You are welcome here to be and stay with us at a moment's notice!

    All best wishes as you take things forward. You made a bold decision to take up this position years ago, and I can say that the world is a better place because of it.

    Steve Rudolph - Director
    Jiva Public School
    Faridabad, India

    February 2013

  • Our last national systemic examinations our grade three achieved 91.9% for Mathematics and 80.6% for Languages and I`m sure that your material has played a role in us achieving these good marks.

    Battswood Primary is a school that has a high percentage of non-English speakers, not just from predominantly Xhosa-speaking areas of South Africa, but refugees from other African countries. The English result is amazing.

    Gavin Thomas - Head Teacher
    Battswood Primary School
    Ottery, South Africa

    February 2013

  • To the founder - Mr. Joe Rickets

    I, YEEIKA JOHN TAN-GHAI, being the Opportunity Education teacher of C.S Binju most respectfully wish to thank the Founder, Executive Director and all the members of the Opportunity Education for the materials sent to my school. The arrival of these materials changed the teaching and learning methods, and at the same time caused learning interests to our learners. This also made me to have more interest in my work.

    Accept my kind regards.

    Yeeika John Tan-Ghai - Educator
    Catholic School Binju

    February 2013

  • Opportunity Education curriculum is systematically designed to approach new students who begin to learn English language. Lessons are really successful. The students prefer to involve in doing activities in these DVD lessons and they like to use learning aids provided by OEF. In addition, the students are exposed to the outer world since the lessons are consistent with untouched areas for the Sri Lankan students.

    Mr. K. A. Susil Premanath - Teacher
    Christ Church Boys' College
    Baddegama, Galle, Sri Lanka

    February 2013

  • I hope you are fine and doing splendid. This is to appreciate your earlier visit to Uganda with Maryann Bennett and others. Out of this visit, Maryann and her son identified a need for a water source for a Muslim founded school in our Catholic Diocese. A few days ago she communicated to me that her third grade class had so far raised 500 US dollars towards this cause. I am favorably impressed by this act of universal solidarity. May the Almighty God continue to bless their endeavors. May He also bless your work.

    Father Joseph Kizito Tibakula - Diocesan Education Secretary
    Jinja Dioces, Uganda

    February 2013

  • I pray all is well with you.

    Just letting you know that the students wrote individual letters to the school in Uganda. Those were mailed yesterday. Because I teach Science and Social Studies to three rotating groups of fourth graders, I assigned one school per group. So, every week they ask if it's time to write. I told them we should wait until we hear back from the schools so that we don't overwhelm them with our correspondence. If you suggest otherwise please feel free to let me know.

    Again, thanks for all you do and I thank God that you and your organization came into our lives. This is by far the best thing that has happened in my life as a teacher; aside from helping our children learn, of course. :)

    Enjoy your day.

    Ms. Shirley Mamou - 4th Grade
    Cottonport Elementary
    Cottonport, Louisiana

    February 2013

  • Again happy to inform you the results of the Tanzania Primary Seven National Exam 2012:

    For the second straight year our school placed 1st out of 968 in the Region and 6th in the country out of 15,059 schools.

    I want to inform you that Opportunity Education program support is giving us this big advantage to improve the standard of education at our school, Region, and country at large. On behalf of me and my family, and our School Board, we are very appreciative to all at Opportunity Education Foundation. Thank you very much.


    Seif R Mkude - Teacher
    Karume Day and Bording English Medium
    Bukoba, Tanzania

    January 2013

  • Mr. Materu, headmaster of Masama Kati English Medium School in Moshi Tanzania, told me that the book shipment is now in his good hands. He is making the books available both to the school children and his community, and he expects all the books will be used for many years to come. I hope to visit Masama at some point, and perhaps teach there.

    I wanted to personally thank your Team -- for your financial generosity and your hours of labor, without which this never would have been possible. You brought another tremendous blessing to these people -- as you do with every shipment.

    Jean McBride - Teacher
    Phoenix Academy
    Elkhorn, NE

    December 2012

  • I'm writing to send our warmest wishes from SFS Primary School Tabora in Tanzania. I'm in charge of running the program here and I also run the library. The material you provide us with has enabled me to transform the library from a dull room with bare walls into an oasis of joy, excitement and inspiration for the children. They love coming here and do whenever they have got a chance. We use the TV and DVD player beyond the OEF lessons and have had fantastic music lessons with the kids singing from the heart with big smiles and their faces. They visit me daily...

    Ute Heiscle - Teacher
    SFS English Medium Primary School
    Bukene, Tanzania

    December 2012

  • Greetings from Uganda. I was so happy to see you once again in Uganda. Thanks for the good will you have for the people of Africa particularly Uganda! The teachers who attended your workshop from my school were very good and passed on what they learnt to the rest of the teachers. We are now well equipped with the modern methods of whole Brain-Teaching. Thanks a lot for this innovation in the teaching profession. Best regards.

    Sr. Assumpta Babirye - Headmistress
    Namagunga Primary Boarding School
    Lugazi, Uganda

    December 2012

  • Greetings from Nsambwe C/U Primary School. We are grateful for the Opportunity Education programme in our school. Teachers, parents and pupils are happy for the programme due to its unique instructional materials which are not in our Ugandan schools . Achievements so far reached due to Opportunity Education 1. Improved literacy and numeracy skills 2. Eased the teachers work making learning aids 3. Improved enrolment from 420 to 750 currently 4. Interesting lessons on DVDs and television 5. Wonderful seminar at Gaba in July 2012 6. School photo album on the website I beg to forward my appreciation to Opportunity Education Foundation.

    Sam Okolimong - Teacher
    Nsaambe C/U Primary School
    Nsaambe, Uganda

    September 2012

  • I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the educational materials sent to us. They have very much assisted in the teaching of these infants. Pupils interests have been stimulated resulting in less absenteeism. Teachers are also challenged to improve on their teaching methods/skills and strategies. We are so grateful.

    Sr. Babirye Max - Headmistress
    St. John Bosco Katende Primary School

    August 2012

  • The Opportunity Education program has not only eased the teaching learning process in class but has boosted the learners, leading to serious competition in all fields of curriculum. We send our sincere and many thanks to your organization.

    Okurut Zachary Ogwant - Head Teacher
    St. Kizito Nursery and Primary School Bwaise

    August 2012

  • I would like to thank you for the assistance you have accorded to our schools. Your interest in making our children improve on literacy and number skills is simplifying our work so much. It is a good program.

    Tamale Charles - Head Teacher
    Kibuye Primary School

    August 2012

  • We wish to register our deep appreciation to you for the generous contribution you have made towards our school. We greatly appreciate the gesture of love and sympathy you have shown. May God bless your efforts.

    Sr. M. Florence.N. - Headmistress
    St. Alphonsus Dem School

    August 2012