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  • Training in Nepal Takes Dedication - 2 flights & 22 hour walk

    Video-Interactive Learning is Opportunity Education programs formatted onto a computer hard drive.  The hard drive interfaces with a computer and projector to show lessons to students in classrooms.  V-Learning covers lessons in five main content areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts and Social Studies.  The video lessons feature a teacher introducing concepts and skills, demonstrating good educational practices and actively involving students.  Classroom teachers lead their students in similar activities.  Many lessons conclude with reviews that encourage additional student participation.

    United Missions to Nepal is Opportunity education Nepal program facilitator.  Elizabeth Cozens at UMN is Opportunity Education education liaison.  Elizabeth writes the following on V-Learning distribution and training in Nepal:

    "I ran my first teacher training and hard drive distribution in Mugu, which is in the far north west of Nepal.  It took 2 flights from Kathmandu.  Then I walked a total of 22 hours (with a Nepali colleague and a porter) to monitor 4 Op Ed schools because there are hardly any roads here in the high hills.  Then I ran a training for 12 teachers from all 8 Op Ed schools here.  It was a delight to have such motivated participants, some of whom had never used a computer before."

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