May 9, 2019

Student Spotlight: Lillian, Freshman at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Favorite Quest(s) Completed

I enjoyed the “You Rocket” quest, especially the way my mentor worked with the quest so that we were really able to get into the engineering and design of our rockets. I also enjoyed the “Is Europe The Center Of The World?” quest, because it completely changed my perspective on mapping and the way it can change our worldviews.

Outside Hobbies/Interests/Talents

I love writing, reading, and acting. In a nutshell, I enjoy most forms of storytelling.

Summer Plans

My summer plans include theater, weekend trips around California, and continuing my current writing project.

Possible Long-Term Goals/Plans/Dreams

When I grow up, I want to act in plays and write novels professionally. My dream is to perform on Broadway and write best-selling novels!

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since the school year started? Has it gotten easier?

Before I began going to Quest Forward Academy, I went to a Waldorf school that used very little technology and focused more on creating artwork. One of the hardest things for me to adjust to has been the technology-focused curriculum. Even though I usually enjoy the quests, and have fully adjusted to the significant role of technology, I sometimes miss the main focus on art.

Another thing that was a main part of my old school was spending time outdoors. It was hard for me to adjust to a school where all my classes are indoors and there is not much of an outdoor space. However, I have enjoyed finding nice spots around the campus, both inside and out.

What do you like best about Quest Forward Academy?

I like the small community and the way the mentors support me. I feel that at Quest, all of my mentors care about me and my work, and I know that they are all interested in my perspective and feedback.

What is your favorite course so far? Why?

My favorite course this year has been Social Science. I enjoy Social Science because I love learning about current events and history. Also, this is my first Social Science course, so I enjoy the new subject matter.

What is your favorite subject? Has Quest Forward Learning caused you to see or approach it differently?

Quest Forward has changed the way I view Science class. At the beginning of the year, Science went the way I expected as we learned about famous scientists and did experiments. But then we started a quest called “You Rocket,” and the class completely changed. We began learning about engineering and spent weeks building rockets. It was so fun! Next semester we are going to build gear-powered machines and I am super excited.

Do you feel supported and challenged at Quest Forward Academy? Do you see yourself becoming a different kind of student?

Sometimes I feel challenged at Quest and other times I do not. But, when I feel bored or that the work is too easy, I know that my mentors will listen to me and help me find more challenging subject matter. At Quest, I see myself becoming much more of a community member than I used to be. I am a generally shy person. However, during my time at Quest, I have found myself sharing more of my ideas and collaborating more with others.

Where do you want to see yourself by the end of the school year? What do you see yourself doing more easily/confidently by then?

By the end of my first year at Quest Forward Academy, I hope to see myself as a more outgoing person who is able to step out of her comfort zone. I also want to have gained the problem-solving skills I will need to persistently face challenges and surpass them. I see myself being able to speak more confidently about my ideas and having a wider knowledge of my own capabilities.

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