Our Founder’s Message

Watch Joe Ricketts describe his perspective on the challenges of education today, and his vision for how learning must evolve to enable young people to succeed in the future. (8:50)

We teach students how to continue to learn for the rest of their lives

-Our Founder and CEO, Joe Ricketts

After more than 35 years as the founder and CEO of Ameritrade, one of the largest online brokerage firms globally, Joe Ricketts is dedicated to improving education globally through the programs offered by Opportunity Education Foundation, a private foundation established and funded by him.

Driven by his passion for education and his belief that technology can empower individuals and communities to determine their own futures, Joe Ricketts applies his entrepreneurial expertise and personal resources to bring engaging, effective, and relevant learning to young persons around the world.

Learn About Joe Ricketts

Joe Ricketts in East Africa

About the Organization

Learn more about how Opportunity Education provides high-quality education programs and materials to schools worldwide. (1:58)

Learn more about the mission of Opportunity Education, and its focus on improving education for young adults worldwide. (1:36)

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