Parent Voices

See parents of Quest Forward Academy students describe their children’s experiences with Quest Forward Learning. (2:54)

To succeed in the future, our children need a new mindset.

The majority of high school students today report being disengaged at school, and they memorize materials and take tests because they have to. Do they believe that their learning will help them succeed in life beyond high school?

Parents want their children to succeed and hope they will lead purposeful and fulfilling lives. Today, these children need to learn differently than their parents did: the mindset, habits, and skills needed to succeed in education and career are focused on critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, resilience, and more — not perfect recall of subject matter facts.

Quest Forward Learning offers a high school program that enables students to develop the mindset, habits, and skills to succeed in the future they will face.

We envision students as active, independent individuals, able to think critically about their world and to work intentionally to achieve their goals and dreams. These individuals will be lifelong learners, eager to take risks, to innovate, and to succeed.

See how Quest Forward Learning empowers students to find purpose and productivity.

Learn how Quest Forward Learning unites methodology, curriculum, and technology to engage and empower students. (9:56)

See high school students at the Quest Forward Academies discuss their experience with Quest Forward Learning, how they take ownership of their education, and how they interact with their mentors. (3:40)

Learn how Quest Forward Academies offer their students skills-forward, engaging, and personalized learning. (3:23)

See how Quest Forward Learning can help students at various levels of capability engage deeply in their learning. (2:36)

What Students and Parents Say

When I am learning with Quest Forward Learning, it makes it feel not necessarily easier, but different because I can learn what I want to learn, but I can also do it in my own way.
— Nora, a student at Glasgow Middle School
Quest Forward has made my son actually like going to school again. He loves the autonomy given to the students.
— Melissa Irving, parent of a student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha
My last school didn’t offer many electives, and it felt like there was no freedom to make choices in what you did in school. I was amazed at how I am allowed to use my interests (for film!) in my final projects here.
— McKinley, Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha
People are very welcoming here. I would probably want them to know how unique this school is. “Family” is a word that is so over-used sometimes, but it’s like that.
— Mario, Student at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa
I try harder now. I know my mentors are there to support me, and that makes me not afraid to try new things, ask for help, and to push myself.
— McKinley, Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

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