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See high school students at the Quest Forward Academies discuss their experience with Quest Forward Learning, how they take ownership of their education, and how they interact with their mentors. (3:40)

For most young adults today, learning in school is a grind: memorize the material, take the quiz or the test, and then do that thousands of times, over and over again. This approach isn’t working anymore, and radically better options are needed.

We developed one: Quest Forward Learning.

Meaningful, practical learning involves exploring, practicing, and developing the skills you need to succeed outside school. Students using Quest Forward Learning are achieving this today, in real high schools in the USA and overseas.

The World is Changing — Fast

The way we live and work today — and, more importantly, how today’s students will live and work as adults in the future — is increasingly flexible. With the global rise of self-employment and entrepreneurship, the elimination of barriers for international collaboration, the rapid advances in technology, what students need today more than ever is an ability to adapt and create value.

We Begin with the Individual

Our entire Quest Forward Learning ecosystem revolves around learners. Our approach offers students worldwide the opportunity to gain the mindset, habits, and skills they need to work as successful creators of value for themselves, their communities, and the world — no matter how quickly it changes and what challenges and opportunities may arise.

Learning Never Stops

Instead of pushing content, memorization, and testing, Quest Forward Learning helps students build a growth mindset, practice 6 Essential Habits, and gain specific skills. Together, these form the superpowers young people need to thrive in high school, excel in college and career, and create value for themselves, their communities, and the world.

A Truly Active Education

Most students today spend six or more hours a day at school sitting at desks, focused on keeping up with teacher instructions, textbooks, and passing tests. Subsequently, much of what they work on and learn will be forgotten within days or weeks.

Without relevance for the life context, they will not be able to apply the new knowledge and skills, and without that application, it will be difficult to retain.

Focusing on what you can do vs. what you’ve studied

Quest Forward Learning engages students. It enables them to drive their learning, offers relevant curriculum materials — “quests” — and mentoring from their teachers. Students self-evaluate — and receive evaluations from their mentors — on habit development and skills growth, and are assessed on real work products and achievements.

A student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha works in the lab.

Learn how Quest Forward Academies offer their students skills-forward, engaging, and personalized learning. (3:23)

Learn more about how Opportunity Education designs its skills-forward, standards-aligned curriculum to be both engaging to students, and academically rigorous. (1:55)

Learn how Quest Forward Learning unites methodology, curriculum, and technology to engage and empower students. (9:56)

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