Teacher Voices

See teachers describe how they work with Quest Forward Learning, how it transforms their role from instructor to mentor for their students, and how students work with them in this new way. (3:33)

Working with engaged, interested students can be incredibly rewarding.

Quest Forward Learning enables teachers to focus on helping students grow and thrive in new ways. Our methodology emphasizes mentoring, offering teachers opportunities to support individual students and small groups directly and interactively.

Through our exploration-driven curricula and effective learning technology, Quest Forward mentors guide young people in learning the academic materials appropriate for them, as well as the mindset, habits, and skills they need to work in the world as value creators.

Well-equipped like this, students will move into the world with focus and purpose, able to achieve their dreams.

A mentor and student check-in on a quest.

Mentoring Over Instruction

In traditional teaching, a significant amount of class time is spent on covering content, which is true even of progressive approaches, like “flipped classroom.” With Quest Forward Learning, students have access to engaging, relevant projects — “quests” — with sufficient scaffolding in the Quest!™ app to address content, practice effective habits, and build competence in each course. As a result, mentors spend much of their time interacting with students—individually and in small groups—providing targeted, meaningful support for each student’s growth.

A Whole New World of Learning

Quest Forward quests, curricula and courses, and the Quest!™ app together support a transformation in teaching and learning and enable teachers to focus on students, 100% of the time.

The Quest! App on a Tablet

Becoming a Quest Forward Mentor

While the components of Quest Forward Learning will be familiar to teachers — methodology, curriculum, technology — we provide comprehensive support to help mentors use the full power of Quest Forward in their classes.


Mentor orientation focuses on the mindshift from instructor to mentor, the Quest Forward vision for mentoring, and the role of student-specific feedback in the learning flow. Orientation workshops also help mentors understand how the Quest!™ app supports the mentoring process, and how mentors use it to support active discovery-driven learning for their students.

Coaching and Support

After the orientation, mentors typically have access to a Lead Mentor in their Academy, school, or program, and also receive support from one of Opportunity Education’s Mentor Coaches.

Our coaches are experienced teachers who provide app support, provide access to resources, and offer deeper insights into all aspects of Quest Forward Learning coaching.


We provide a wide range of mentoring resources in our Help Center, to which all Quest Forward mentors have access 24×7.

Opportunity Education also provides mentor certification for teachers who have worked in a Quest Forward mentor role for at least one year.

Research Insights

Interested in diving deeper into the Quest Forward methodology? Our approach is inspired by learning-science insights and proven practices, and our Research and Evaluation team continues to inform all aspects of our work with their research perspectives. These research briefs reflect recent thinking on key aspects of Quest Forward Learning.


Research Brief

Goal Setting

This research brief summarizes existing research on goal setting and goal management, summarizes current practices and tools used by educators and students in schools, and provides recommendations for supporting more of this kind of work in Quest Forward schools.

Download PDF

Research Brief

State of the Field: Assessment

To develop a Quest Forward Learning assessment system, we need to understand the state of assessment, and then dig further into specific tools and practices and how they should work to support learning and growth.

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