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High school should be active,
empowering, and forward-thinking

Quest Forward Learning enables high schools, teachers, and students to work with a competence-based approach to learning, an innovative skills-focused curriculum, and technology that powers each student’s agency and mentored growth.


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Quest Forward Academy Omaha, the Forward-Thinking High School

A thriving high school on the campus of Bellevue University in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa, the Forward-Thinking High School

The forward-thinking high school in the heart of Santa Rosa, California.

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The logo for Girard College. It is a high school that has implemented Quest Forward Learning.

Girard College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania implemented Quest Forward Learning for its high school students in 2019.

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The Quest Forward Network is Growing

Learn how you can join the innovative network of Quest Forward high schools.

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I have the freedom to show the creative side of me that I couldn’t express at other schools.

McKinley, Quest Forward Academy Omaha Student

My mentors help me see how what we are doing in the classroom pertains to what I’ll be doing in my career.

Erich, Quest Forward Academy Omaha Student

I love being here, it’s my favorite place to be. It’s overall such a good community.

Natasha, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa Student

I have no idea how we’ve gotten such a great group of teachers.

Azi, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa Student

I know that my mentors care about my success and are on the same page with me and my goals.

McKinley, Quest Forward Academy Omaha Student

The mentors are very open about talking about colleges. They are super open about providing information and help and they’re not going to let you get behind.

Azi, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa Student