Education is failing the next generation.

The current approach to education was invented more than 100 years ago, a byproduct of the industrial revolution. It was an approach for a different time with different challenges, focused on memorization, test taking, and quiet, passive learning. And it isn’t working anymore; it hasn’t for some time.

The legacy educational system leaves a majority of high school students disengaged from learning as they work toward the goal of getting a good grade on a test rather than the goal of developing the skills and habits of mind that will enable lifelong success.

Today’s young people will inherit a world defined by rapid change. Change caused by radical scientific breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and bioengineering, and geopolitical transformation. It’s a world where the most important skill to possess will be the ability to learn, question, and adapt with a flexible, engaged mindset. And it’s a world for which the current educational system fails to prepare young people.

Gallup Student Poll “Engaged Today, Ready for Tomorrow,” 2015.

Academy student programming code on a laptop

We have a better solution.

High school students today need to build flexible skills that support them through multiple, meaningful careers; skills that create a habit of life-long learning, resilience, and problem-solving.

Quest Forward Learning enables high schools, teachers, and students to work with a competence-based approach to learning, an innovative skills-focused curriculum, and technology that powers each student’s agency and mentored growth. Our quest-based curriculum is designed around national and regional standards, and rigorous academic requirements, helping students realize their potential today, and tomorrow.

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Quests power academics today, and develop skills for tomorrow.

A quest is a project that covers academic materials, addressing required standards in a way that engages each student’s interests, enabling them to learn the skills and develop the habits that will help them succeed in their education and careers.

Courses for terms, semesters, or entire school years are built from quests to address grade level education requirements, with a focus on sustained skills practice and competence-based learning.

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One global network, one shared mission.

Quest Forward Learning powers a global network of innovative schools to better meet the needs of their students with locally relevant and engaging learning. Any high school is eligible to join, and many different types of schools can adopt Quest Forward Learning as a foundation for mentored, skills-forward student growth.

We are currently accepting applications from schools in the US and Tanzania. Support for additional counties is coming soon.

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The most innovative learning technology available today.

The Quest Forward Platform enables teachers and students to work with quest-based courses, to build portfolios of student academic work, and to assess and track skills growth. Our Platform apps engage students in active, personalized learning, while making it easy for teachers to work as mentors whether for individual students, groups, or whole classes.

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We learn better together.

Teachers who innovate and improve learning do better with deep support. Between training and ongoing coaching, an extensive help center, and peer learning within and across schools, teachers and counselors in Network schools have the resources they need to grow.

McKinley, a smiling student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

I have the freedom to show the creative side of me that I couldn’t express at other schools.

McKinley, Quest Forward Academy Student
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Your school can become part of the Quest Forward Network.


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