Quest Forward Academy Omaha, the Forward-Thinking High School

A high school students actually like.

Quest Forward Academy is an innovative private high school that's affordable for all.

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Flexible Pacing

Flexible Pacing

Student-centered learning that adapts to individual abilities and interests

Affordable for All

Affordable for All

Scholarships available up to full tuition so everyone has the opportunity to learn

10 Years of Guidance

10 Years of Guidance

Support from day 1 of high school through college, trade school, military or on-the-job training, into a successful career

A student and mentor collaborate at a table, smiling and pointing at a laptop in front of them.

Students deserve a better high school.

Quest Forward Academy…

  • Does NOT  teach to the test
  • Does NOT  let students slip through the cracks
  • Does NOT  force all students into the same learning mold

Quest Forward Academy students are:

  • More prepared for the future
  • Hard workers committed to continual improvement
  • Ready for both opportunities and challenges
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What People Are Saying

McKinley, an award-winning student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha


I try harder now. I know my mentors are there to support me, and that makes me not afraid to try new things, ask for help, and to push myself.

– McKinley, Student

Mentor Ed Vogel leads a Quest Forward Academy Omaha English class on Zoom.


If anything, the distance learning has reinforced my belief that Quest Forward Academy is a gold standard of education.” 

– Joan C., Parent

Joey, a student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, smiles as he talks about how unique and fun his school is.


“I love this school.”

– Joey V., Student
A diverse group of Quest Forward Academy Omaha students in the Bellevue University lab.

Affordable for All

Through Opportunity Education, families can receive scholarships up to full tuition!

If you lose your job at any time during your student’s 4 years, your student will get all the scholarships they need to stay at Quest Forward Academy. Guaranteed.


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