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Moving on from Middle School

Your child’s transition to high school is likely a stressful one, both for them and for you. Will the new school support their academic success? Will they find a good group of friends? And, most importantly, will high school prepare your child for the next step in their lives, whether it’s further education or career?

Our mission is to help students find their purpose, while gaining the mindset, habits, and skills to realize that purpose successfully.

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Quest Forward Academy santa rosa differs from other high schools in the area in significant ways:
  • We are a small, forward-thinking, independent high school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), offering dual-enrollment programs with local colleges.
  • Tuition and fees are supported by a generous scholarship program that enables any motivated, capable student to attend regardless of ability to pay.
  • Our classes are small, typically 12 students per teacher, ensuring personal attention for each student based on their abilities and needs.
  • Students work actively through project-based learning and competence-based assessment rather than traditional midterms and finals.
  • We combine rigorous academics with the development of the essential life and work skills students will need to succeed in further education and career.
  • Our teachers are certified professionals with advanced degrees in their field.

Come visit and see for yourself how students engage and grow at Quest Forward Academy.

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Supportive environment and low stress so my daughter can focus and perform her best.

— Parent, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Our home is calmer. The amount of work done in class with the mentors guidance, takes away from the burden of hours of homework, which she had at the public school. We now have time to enjoy each others company. To take walks. To cook dinner in an unhurried manner.

— Maria B., Parent at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

“Mom, guess what we learned at school?!” I had NEVER heard this from my son until he attended QFA Sophomore year. I now hear it regularly!

— Parent, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

The difference I see in my freshman daughter in the 5 months she has been a student makes my heart melt. She came from a public school where I picked her up from school everyday seeming shaken. Now I pick her up and she is calm, happy and talkative about her day. I hear about her classes, what she learned that she had never even considered, about her great lunch and her kind, funny and thoughtful friends.

— Maria B., Parent at Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

My favorite thing about QFA is that my son loves going each morning. He is excited and feels like it is a safe, fun place for learning.

— Parent, Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

Pathways Program

10 Years of Support for Every Student

All Academy students participate in our Pathways Program, through which they engage in multiple internships in real workplaces, receive college and career counseling throughout high school. They then receive an additional 6 years of support, beyond high school and through college, until they find a purposeful career in which they can thrive and succeed.

Success in high school is just the beginning. We support our graduates for years beyond high school to ensure their success in life.

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To keep our students, faculty, and community safe and healthy, we are working from home according to our distance learning plan. Read more about our approach in our blog post, and please check your email and our Facebook page for ongoing updates. Thanks for your support!