In our work here at Opportunity Education, we believe that young people need six essential habits to thrive in life, career, and school. In fact, we’re building Quest Forward around these habits, to help students make them part of their daily lives. We call them “habits,” because they require thoughtful and daily practice to develop and maintain, just like eating mindfully, taking breaks during the work day to refresh, or any other habit.

Learn More About Our Six Essential Habits

  • Be Curious

    Ask questions about the world and seek answers and new experiences. Explore, experiment, and embrace uncertainties.

  • Manage Yourself

    Understand when you need help and ask for help. Set goals and evaluate your progress. Manage your pace, reflect on your thinking, and be confident in your abilities.

  • Learn From Setbacks

    Persist through challenges and identify strategies for improving. Develop a growth mindset — the belief that you always have more to learn and are capable of changing and improving.

  • Communicate and Collaborate

    Articulate your ideas and opinions effectively and respectfully. Listen and understand perspectives of others. Develop an open mindset, share your expertise, help others, and collaborate to accomplish shared goals. Give, receive, synthesize, and incorporate feedback.

  • Solve Problems

    Identify problems and their causes, seek information about problems and existing solutions, and create and test new solutions and ways to address problems.

  • Live an Integrated Life

    Draw on resources from one area of your life to help you in another. Tell your friends and family about what you do in school, showcase your work, and collaborate with local and global communities.

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