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We believe that transformational, skills-forward learning is built on a small set of principles, which form the core of Quest Forward Learning.

  1. Learning Requires Action

    We believe that to learn, we must be active and engaged, driving the process of discovery, the process of building understanding, and the practice of skills. We learn by asking questions about the world and seeking answers, by testing potential solutions to problems, by making things, and by iterative trial-and-error. Being a mere observer does not lead to capability, only active engagement with the people and the world around us does.

  2. We Learn Better Together

    While solo learning is important, gaining skills and real insights is impossible without interacting with and gaining feedback from others. Peers, mentors, family members, and subject matter experts all help us learn and grow. Collaborating with others inspires creativity and innovative thinking. Similarly, sharing our discoveries and successes with others is an important driver for learning. Solo learning all too often turns into passive, detached observation.

  3. Learning Drives Personal Growth

    Meaningful learning is not just concept acquisition. It is a personal process that changes how we understand ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it. When we learn with Quest Forward Learning, we expect to grow our understanding of the world, the skills we need to work in the world, our sense of identity, and our ability to solve a wide variety of challenges. As we grow personally, we begin to understand ourselves as lifelong learners, able to embrace and master new challenges and opportunities with curiosity, creativity, and perseverance.

  4. Learning Improves with Practice

    While knowledge can be built through discovery, skill-building requires dedicated, persevering practice. As lifelong learners, we identify skills we can improve, and then practice them over days, months, and years to refine and improve the impact and outcomes of our actions and work.

  5. Learning Happens Everywhere, and Always

    This is evident from watching small children—they learn constantly, wherever they go, and without formal instruction, classrooms, and learning materials. This pattern holds for all ages: We can learn wherever we are but only if we have the skills to seize those opportunities.

How the Principles Drive our Work

These principles drive our research, curriculum design, product design, coaching, and support, as well as the design of the Quest Forward Academies. All of our work is in support of these principles and we approach it with a growth mindset—continuously learning and improving as we build Quest Forward Learning.

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Quest Forward Learning is available worldwide and in these forms:

In Our Schools

Quest Forward Academies

Quest Forward Academies are schools that run entirely on the Quest Forward method for teaching and learning the curriculum and Platform. Academies are designed and operated by Opportunity Education, creating innovative and high-quality learning experiences. Quest Forward Academies are accredited high schools that award a high-school diploma to students who complete the graduation requirements. Academy graduates earn automatic admission to certain colleges and universities.

Quest Forward Academies

In the Classroom

Quest Forward Schools

Quest Forward Schools are private or public schools that use Quest Forward Learning for some or all of their academic or life-skills work. These schools employ our method, curriculum, and platform, and their mentors receive training, support, and certification from Opportunity Education.

Quest Forward Schools

In the World

Quest Forward Programs

Quest Forward Programs are out-of-school programs for developing life and career skills. Such programs may be offered in a school or college context, or by non-school organizations with deep subject matter expertise, such as design thinking, empathy skills, storytelling, and more.

Quest Forward Programs

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