The Quest Forward School Network consists of 23 schools around the world that use the full Quest Forward Learning methodology, curriculum, and technology. The schools work closely with Opportunity Education on implementing and improving the program. They connect with each other for professional development, subject-specific support, and to create shared opportunities for their students.

Opportunity Education is actively growing the Quest Forward School Network, with over 30 additional schools joining the Network in 2019.

Global Focus

Currently, Quest Forward Learning is available in the United States and in Tanzania, and offers a rich high school curriculum that meets local standards. The program is available to private schools in both countries, and will expand to additional geographies soon.
Quest Forward Academies and Quest Forward Schools Quest Forward Academies and Quest Forward Schools
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A Map of Quest Forward Schools in Tanzania

Membership Requirements


    Curriculum Adoption

    Your high school must use either a United States or Tanzanian curriculum, though your school may be located outside of those countries. We currently only offer course materials for US and Tanzanian standards.


    Core Academics

    Your school will initially implement the four core subject areas offered by Quest Forward Learning for at least 9th grade/Form 1, and should ultimately expect to roll out the course materials to all high school years.


    Internet Access

    Your school must be able to access high-speed Internet service, and provide Chromebook laptops or Android tablet computers for each student and mentor.


    Quest Forward Training

    All teachers will participate in orientation, training, and coaching on the Quest Forward Learning methodology, courses, and platform apps.


    Quest Forward Assessment

    Existing testing practices at your school will shift to the Quest Forward Learning assessment methodology, involving mentor feedback, artifact assessments, skills checks, and tracking of student engagement.



    After orientation and evaluation, your school’s teachers will be certified as Quest Forward Mentors. Similarly, your school will be certified at one of four performance levels called “Engagement Tiers.” Tier 2 must be achieved within 18 months from joining the Network.


    Network Membership Fees (US Only)

    Schools in the United States pay an annual Network Membership fee to offset training and support costs, and to support Opportunity Education in offering Quest Forward Learning to students, teachers and schools worldwide.  

How to Join

To join the Network, please use our Contact Form to get in touch. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

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