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Young people in Tanzania have a bright future.

Quest Forward Learning offers youth across Tanzania a high quality secondary education, and the opportunity to gain the mindset, habits, and skills to create value for their families, their villages, and their country.

Helping young people become value creators

Secondary school today should help students prepare for a successful life and give them the skills they need to find a purposeful role in society. Instead, most students sit passively day after day, diligently taking notes, and rarely speaking, focused mostly on passing the next exam with good marks.

Instead of learning quietly and passively, students today need more: an opportunity to develop and practice skills that help them succeed in the world. Quest Forward Learning combines high-quality academic materials with student-centric, hands-on teaching and learning that activates students and helps them become lifelong learners.

Mentoring Beyond Instruction

Our methodology emphasizes mentoring, offering teachers opportunities to support individual students and small groups directly and interactively. Through our discovery-driven curricula and effective learning technology, Quest Forward mentors guide young people in learning the academic materials appropriate for them, as well as the mindset, habits, and skills they need to work in the world as value creators. Well-equipped like this, students will move into the world with focus and purpose, able to achieve their dreams.

Quest Forward Schools support a wide diversity of students and teachers across Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.




A Modern Method

Across Africa and in Tanzania, most students learn passively: they sit quietly at their desks listening to their teacher and taking notes. However, our research shows that when young adults are active and engaged, their learning outcomes improve—they don’t just memorize but they understand, and they learn essential skills in the process. Quest Forward Learning is designed to help students learn actively, gain competence in important skills, and develop effective habits for learning and work.

Reviewed & Approved by TIE

OE has combined its innovative method for learning with the Tanzania national syllabus. All learning materials build on the syllabus as required, and enable students to learn required material. OE’s materials are designed as short projects—we call them “quests”—that cover every topic and subtopic of the Form 1 and Form 2 (and soon Form 3 and Form 4) requirements. Before publication, the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) reviews and approves each quest to ensure it meets the mandatory standards.

Student-Centered Learning

Student-centered learning is national policy in Tanzania, but it is also challenging to implement. OE’s method places students at the center of learning activities by encouraging them to drive their own education. To help teachers shift to truly student-centered teaching and learning, OE provides regular training sessions on weekends, one-on-one support of teachers, and peer-learning opportunities within and across schools in Tanzania.

Through Quest Forward Learning, we are seeing our students developing a mastery and deep comprehension of subjects and growing in their critical thinking skills. The students I mentor feel very empowered in their learning and growth. As a teacher, I am excited for their futures!

— Boaz Msechu, Mentor at Mtakuja Secondary School, Moshi, Tanzania

Being a Quest Forward Learning Mentor is the biggest challenge any teacher will ever take. With Quest Forward Learning, students and teachers are both learners and they need each other to attain the higher learning goal.

— Mussa Challa, Mentor at Mtakuja Secondary School, Moshi, Tanzania

Quest Forward Learning makes my learners to be most curious. It is like sailing in uncharted waters, I go in with questions that I anticipate learners to ask but there’s always something new.

— Proches Anthony, Mentor at Mtakuja Secondary School, Moshi, Tanzania

Our Team

Tupokigwe Abnery

Mentor Teacher

Dickson Hezron

Project Coordinator

Wilbert Ijumba

Director of Curriculum Development

Glory Kilewo

Research & Evaluation Coordinator

Eligrania Lema

Lead Implementation Manager

Jerome Massawe

Technology Specialist

Violeth Mbando

Implementation Manager

Leveri Mlaki

Mentor Teacher

Daniel Mlambo

Program Manager

Mary Modest

Administrative Assistant

Fredy Mollel

Mentor Teacher

Jemma Mziray

Pathways Program Coordinator

Martin Russell

Director, Africa Operations

Beatrice Tesha

Mentor Teacher

Daniel Ambrose

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Proches Anthony

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: English

Samweli Bakari

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Chemistry

Mbezi Benjamin

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: History

Mussa Challa

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Civics

Ian George

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Willium Gunga

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Mbise Jackson

Pwani, Tanzania Subjects: Geography

Pellagie Joseph

Arusha, Tanzania Subjects: Civics

Rehema Justus

Arusha, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Sarah Kisoka

Morogoro, Tanzania Subject: Mathematics

Michael Kasto

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Mathematics

Rahabu Kimaro

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Magdalena Kitinya

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Civics

Neema Kiwia

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Tumaini Lyamuya

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Gabriel Lyimo

Arusha, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Elia Mahushi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Sande Maleko

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Salum Manjoti

Arusha, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Janeth Mushi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Chemistry

Godson Manson

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Mathematics

Amos Mchomvu

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Abdalah Mkila

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: History

Riziki Mlay

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Hosiana Mmanyi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Felister Mndasha

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Kerbin Mongi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: English

Godbless Mosha

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Physics

Emmanuel Mrema

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Kiswahili

Godbless Msami

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Juma Msangi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Boaz Msechu

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: English

Ndenengo Msele

Arusha, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Israel Musali

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Geography

Janeth Mushi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Chemistry

Sisawia Mushi

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Physics

Rugabera Mwijage

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Biology

Winnie Philip

Pwani, Tanzania Subject: English

Erick Prudence

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: English

Baraka Samwel

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Physics

Emmanuel Sekile

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Subject: Chemistry

Joe Ricketts with Opportunity Education staff in Tanzania

About Us

Opportunity Education Foundation is an International NGO registered in Tanzania and headquartered in Moshi. OEF was established in 2005 by US entrepreneur, founder, and first CEO of TD Ameritrade Joe Ricketts, after a visit to Tanzania. He came to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and fell in love with the people of Tanzania. He resolved to help, and to do so by improving education for Tanzanian children and youth. OEF works closely with Opportunity Education, a US-based foundation that developed Quest Forward Learning.

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